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International Relations

International guests who visited our faculty for giving seminars:

 Name  Institution / Country  Date  Seminar
 Prof.Dr. Dragutin T. MIHAILOVIC
 Department of Physics, University of Novi Sad
 18th May 2010
Research capabilities of Center for Meteorology and Environmental Prediction: Current state and future plans
 Astronot Dr. Marsha S. IVINS
 07th May 2010
 "New Era of Discovery: The Future of Space Exploration and My Experiences in Space" info (in Turkish)
 Prof. Spilios D. FASSOIS
 University of Patras
 21st April 2010
 Statistical Time Series Methods for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)
 Research and Development (EOARD), Londun, UK
 20th April 2010
 EOARD Fundings for Basic Research in Europe, Africa and Middle East
 Raymond M. KOLONAY, pH.D.  ARFL Multidisciplinary Science & Technology Center Ohio, USA  07th April 2010
 Prof. Marcelo H. KOBAYASHI  University of Hawaii at Manoa  19th April 2010 A Biologically Inspired Topology Optimization Method
 Dr. Ali TOKAY
 NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA
 02nd April 2010
 Can We Measure Snow at the Ground?
 Prof.Dr. Jamal YAGOOBI
 Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago, USA
 31st March 2010
 Enhancement of Heat Transfer and Mass Transport with EHD in Large and Small Scales
 Dr. Maja SAREVSKA  Prizrenska 2, bb, 1000 SKOPJE, R. OF MACEDONIA  15.03.2010-15.05.2010 Spacecraft Telecominications
 Prof.Dr. Max F. PLATZER  A.B.D. Monterey, California, Naval Postgraduate School 19.10.2009-23.10.2009  Helikopter Aerodinamiği ve Daimi Olmayan Aerodinamik
 Dr. Mustafa Arif KARABEYOĞLU  SPG-CORP, California, USA  14.10.2007-17.10.2007  Tahrik Sistemleri ve Analizi
 Prof.Dr. Cengiz CAMCI A.B.D. Pennsylvania State Üniversitesi   01.10.2007-28.12.2007 Rotor aerodinamiği, rotor kum tahribatı ve ducted fan
 Prof.Dr. Michel CHAMPION  CNRS Araştırma Direktörü - Fransa  16.10.2007-26.10.2007  Advanced Combustion
 Prof.Dr. Erdoğan MADENCİ  A.B.D. Tucson kenti Arizona Üniversitesi  18.06.2007-22.06.2007  Helikopter Pallerinin Yapısal olarak Modellenmesi ve Analizi
 Prof.Dr. Michel CHAMPION
 CNRS Araştırma Direktörü - Fransa  15.10.2006-04.11.2006  Advanced Combustion
 Prof.Dr. David J. EWINS  Londra Imperial College ( İngiltere )  10.03.2006-11.03.2006  Modal Testing and Rotordynamics
 Prof.Dr. Mehmet İMREGÜN  Londra Imperial College ( İngiltere )  30.06.2005-01.07.2005  Aeroelastisity
 Prof.Dr. JVR PRASAD  Georgia Institute of Technology, USA  08.09.2003-12.09.2003  Rotorcraft Stability and Control
Prof.Dr. Lakshmi N. SANKAR Georgia Institute of Technology, USA 11.08.2002-17.082002  Rotorcraft Aerodynamics and Aeroacustics
 Prof.Dr. Daniel SCHRAGE  Georgia Institute of Technology, USA  04.08.2002-14.08.2002  Rotorcraft Design



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