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High Performance Computing and Virtual Reality Laboratory


The aim of the laboratory is fast computational analysis and visualization of complex aerodynamic and structural problems encountered during aerospace vehicle design process and virtual reality applications.


The mission of laboratory is to provide high performance computing infrastructure needed for scientific and applied studies, and design verification and advanced visualization tools for assessment of analysis results.

Research and Application Area

The specifications of the facilities are:

-    SGI Origin 3800: 32 MIPS CPUs, 32 GB RAM, 2 Infinite Reality3 graphic pipes.

-          SGI Altix 3000: 32 Itanium 2 CPUs, 64GB RAM

-          SUN Cluster: 32 AMD Opteron Cores,  64GB RAM

-          7mx3m cylindrical screen with 100o field of view

  • Front projection
  • Passive stereo 3D projection
  • Motion tracking

Researcher Information

Currently, 7 academic researchers and 5 engineers have been employed in the lab.

Some Current and Future Projects

Aerospace Research and Development, Rotorcraft simulators, General 3D Flow Visualizations, 3D Terrain Visualizations, Combat Simulations, 3D Stereo Presentations.

General View of Lab