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Composites and Structures Laboratory

To make scientific and technological research for the development of aeronautical and aerospace materials, manufacture composite materials and structural tests.


Carrying out experimental researches on national and international levels in order to improve knowledge on composite materials. Providing experimental research environments for students’ theoretical development.


Some of the ‘significant hardware’ that has been used for the Composites and Structures Laboratory are Universal Testing Machine (100 kN and 25 kN actuators), Impact Testing Machine, 3 computers-based digital data acquisition and control systems, a 3D Image Correlation System (includes computers, software, lighting and digital cameras) (software upgraded in 2009), Heated Vacuum Table, Vibration Test System and Micro Hardness Measurement System.

This laboratory is well-equipped with the hardware needed to design experiments that illustrate the basic principles in mechanical sciences. The lab is also equipped with conventional instrumentation such as strain gauges, pressure, displacement and acceleration sensors, as well as modern instrumentation such as 3D Image Correlation System.

Equipment and Software

The apparatus used for Composites and Structures laboratory include the following equipment and software:

Equipment: data acquisition, universal testing machine, impact testing machine, sensors, 3D image correlation system, heated vacuum table.

Software: Vic3D, Vic Snap, DacExpress, Ansys, Catia

Although the facilities and hardware in the Composites and Structures Laboratory meet the current needs there is significant need for growth. In the near future, the following capabilities are desired to be acquired: Composite Cutting and Trimming, Structural Health Monitoring.

Universal Fatigue Test System

Impact Test Device