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Aerial and Space Systems Laboratory

To give broad perspective and provide substantial background for the faculty juniors in the fields of Dynamics and Control Systems, Modeling, Guidance, Navigation, Model based Software Design, and functional/test software development mainly considering Aerospace and Aeronautics R&D fields. The aim to train bachelor and graduate students as qualified, self-dependent, proactive, and solution oriented candidates for private sector companies and research institutes.


Fundamental mission is to raise the collaboration with private sector companies and fulfil their required/related open points as their research partner.


  • Model based Control
  • Model based Software Development
  • Testing and Calibration of Aerial platform functionality
    • Model in the Loop (MiL), Software in the Loop (SiL), Processor in the Loop (PiL), and Hardware in the Loop (HiL) capacity
  • Aviation Solutions
    • Design novel Powerplant systems
    • Hybrid aerial vehicles with electrification of subsystems
  • Powertrain Systems, Cyber Physical Systems (Cyber vehicles and Cyber Energy), Hybrid vehicles, Function Development
  • Connected mobility
  • Rigid Formation Flight
  • Guidance and Autonomous Navigation of Single and Multi vehicle network


Matlab, Simulink, Simscape/Simdriveline, Aerospace Blockset, SimElectronics, Control Blockset, Simulink Coder, Real Time Workshop and Quarc v2.4 toolboxes, dSPACE RTI CANMM, dSPACE Target Link, dSPACE RTI 1006/1005,  C/C++, Adams, Virtual Engine, TOPExpert, VECTOR CANdb++, Microtool InStep