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Reverse Engineering Laboratory


The aim of the laboratory is to use three dimensional digitization and rapid prototyping instruments of reverse engineering methods in order to model, develop and conduct quality control processes of aerospace structure elements.


The mission of laboratory is to conduct and publish experimental studies on national and international levels for the purposes of scientific advancement on reverse engineering studies and transfer these to advanced technology applications. It also provides students with an experimental environment to help build on their theoretical knowledge.

Research and Application Area

Three dimensional digitalization of parts and production of concept models and prototypes for the purpose of advancing aerospace technologies.

The Specifications of the Facilities

ATOS three dimensional digitalization instrument, TRITOP optical coordinate measurement system for digitalization of large models, OBJET Eden 500V rapid prototyping machine for production of models otherwise not producible with conventional methods with high precision (16 microns). The ability to transfer from parts to STL (Stereolithography Tessellation Language) format, and to produce prototypes from STL format.

Laboratory Staff

Laboratory staff consists of one faculty, one research assistants, two engineers and students.

Potential Studies

Producing digital models of available parts, conducting quality control or analysis using the digital models, producing the model using rapid prototyping machine if applicable.

Some Projects that are Underway

Fit check prototyping applications for aerospace projects, model production for use in wind tunnels, prototype production for silicone molding, blade digitalization studies.